What is E-volution Award

E-volution awards are the only and most important contest focusing on promoting and rewarding the best eBusiness practices. The great success of the first event at 2012 was followed by e-volution awards of 2013 , which confirmed in the best way possible the rising dynamic of eBusiness in Greece.

The E-volution awards event

In e-volution awards event 2013,the best practices of eBusiness which were detected by the impartial process that has been institutionalized by Boussias Communications company in association with eCommerse Lab ,ELTRUN and Economics University of Athens were presented and awarded.

TPL and E-volution award

For its representation and digital sales of American companies' automotive products in European countries ,using multiple digital channels and certified processes and technologies TPL company was awarded in the 2013 event. Main points:

  • TPL has been in eCommerce since 2006 selling automotive products ,and having 2000 active product codes.
  • Representation and distribution of american companies products in European countries (England ,Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden ,Portugal ,Malta, Denmark).
  • 80% of the European market sales with increase of sales by 45% in 2012.
  • Multiple sales channels : eCommerce, market places, comparison shopping, mobile, paid search , social networks etc.
  • Consolidation in a functioning platform in Logistics ,Sales,AfterSales, Marketing etc.
  • Important certifications like ISO 9001:2008 (for serving and handling the transactions ) and McAfree/ Geo Trust for transaction safety.
  • Advanced technological environment for high performances ,scalability ,functions connection , functions completion etc.
  • Model extension of 2013 in fashion, homeware etc.

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